The Woodfired Kitchen

Marie's passion for wood fired cooking is infectious. She learnt the art at a young age and it has brought her joy ever since. As an ex Masterchef contestant, you can expect Marie to serve up rustic, authentic cooking with an edge that shows her skills in the kitchen. The woodfired pizza’s served for lunch every Saturday and Sunday are handcrafted from scratch, all cooked on the hearth of Marie's ‘Alan Scott’ designed oven which was built by his son Nick Scott in October 2014.  The oven is made up of 13 tonnes of masonry mass.  Her bread is well known to the locals and will often sell out before the lunch crowd arrives! The menu tends to change every week according to the best available produce.

Remaining true to our sustainable way of life, prune cuttings from the vines are used to fuel our enormous wood oven

Sourdough Bread

Bread plays a central role in many European cultures, it symbolises hospitality, the warmth of the home, nourishment and nurture.  Bread is considered sacred and precious and children are taught never to waste it.  Marie draws on ancient wisdom, connecting traditions of craftsmanship to reinvent the kitchen staple, bread!

Using her natural leaven she loves making real bread with flavour and texture from the purest ingredients.  Each loaf has a culture of organic flour, water, leaven and sea salt.  The fermentation process can be anywhere from 18 up to 36 hours from start to finish.

We use Australian owned Laucke Flour, organic and bi-dynamic products only. The milling process is done almost to order as the flour will then retain natural nutritious balance that gives a sweeter flavour and will make it much easier for the stomach to digest.